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Permanent Recruitment

Permanent Recruitment

Our Permanent Recruitment Process offers:

  • One time placement
  • Project based hiring
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing

eCentricHR’s Permanent Recruitment:

Our permanent recruitment solutions have the best range of HR teams and resourcing channels. We at eCentricHR follow best permanent recruitment practices to provide the ideal candidates to the customers. In coordination with our customers, we design a detailed screening and assessment process. We use appropriate hiring processes along with other predefined testing scenarios. This process helps us to provide the candidates who match the job exactly.

We support our customers and candidates through each and every stage of the interview process. Through our considerable expertise and experience, we deliver the most successful candidates to our valuable customers when it comes to permanent recruitment. And we go one step ahead because our post-placement follow-up helps us to deliver employee retention levels above the standards.

We build brand value of our customer through Permanent Recruitment:

We recognize that throughout the entire recruitment life cycle that we follow, we are highlighting our customers in the market.  As customer’s requirement for a permanent candidate involves long-term job role, our recruitment teams refine and recruit the ideal candidates for the given role. Our innovative and more adorable approach in recruitment process protects and enhances our customers’ brand name in their respective field.

Leveraging both employers and candidates in the Permanent Recruitment Process:

eCentricHR enables employees and employers find the right match for each other. We understand the demand-supply better by driving right talent to our customers even in tough situations. We pick the suitable candidates, then conduct in-house interviews for all the prospective candidates and finally send the finest and best candidates to the customer. We even value the candidate’s interest and career goals. We explain to the candidates what exactly the customer is expecting from them. We explain them the type of recruitment, whether it is a one-time placement or project-based placement. This helps the candidates to choose the job offer according to their interest and career goals. So both the employee and candidate gets the advantage by using our our recruitment process service. 


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